LED lighting offers many advantages over traditional light sources, opening new ways to use light that weren’t possible before. As the technology continues to revolutionize the lighting industry, it’s important to understand how an LED light source works.

1. Bridgelux LEDs

At Bridgelux, we provide a complete, intelligent electronics solution for luminaire manufacturers to enable the smart lighting revolution. Our new smart lighting platform has the ability to provide the desired amount of light, at the desired time, with the flexibility to support multiple open and proprietary protocols.


LED light bulbs are great for conserving energy, and the Cree soft White LED Light Light Bulbs are the best of the bunch. These bulbs produce a soft white light with a warm tone and the brightness level is similar to a 60 Watt incandescent bulb. The bulbs are Energy Star certified and Cree claims these bulbs will last you more than 22 years or 25,000 hours.

Cree offers a 10-year warranty in case you run into problems with your new LED light bulbs. You can use the bulbs indoors or outdoors without fear, which is a nice perk. You can pop them in most light fixtures, whether it’s a table lamp, a floor lamp, or an overhead light fixture. Anywhere an A19 bulb can fit, these Cree ones will go.

3. Edison LEDs

Why Use Edison LED Lights?

Long life time (50,000 to 100,000 hrs)

Highly energy efficient

Environmentally friendly – no hazardous materials

No infrared or ultraviolet in beam output

Cold start capable down to -40℃

Vivid saturated colors without filters

Small form factors for improved design flexibility

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