Pre-Feasibility Study

Preliminary feasibility studies or “pre-feasibility studies” are more detailed than order of magnitude studies. A preliminary feasibility study is used for determining whether to proceed with a detailed feasibility study and as a “reality check” to determine areas within the project that require more attention. Preliminary feasibility studies are done by estimating gross dimensions or quantities once conceptual or preliminary engineering and mine design has been completed. Preliminary feasibility studies are completed by a small group of multi-disciplined technical individuals and have an accuracy within 20-30%

The following estimations are made after Pre-feasibility study

 Load estimation
 Estimation of number of PV panels
 Estimation of battery bank
 Cost estimation of the system.

Installation and Commissioning

Machine installation and commissioning is a key part of putting the system into service. If installation and commissioning is carried out carefully using the correct procedures, it is an investment in the system ´s serviceability and reliability for its entire service life.

All tasks carried out on the system are recorded, delivered to the user and also filed for further reference if needed.

LED Lighting

This system is independent of the Grid or Generator .Both AC and DC systems can be Designed.For AC system Inverter is used while for DC System charge controller is sufficient.

Hybrid Solar Systems

To get the best of both worlds, you can opt for a hybrid solar setup. With a hybrid setup, the solar battery is used as a backup in the event the grid goes down.


As Every application require different design approach  ,Our Engineers design the system according to each application type.

Residential Solar System require special attention of  Design Engineer as home has different appliances with different wattage & different operating times.Grid Tied with backup (Hybrid) Solar System is recommended in residential applications. In the area where there is no or low load shedding ,Grid tied system is also recommended in order to cut down electricity cost.

This section includes Schools ,Hospitals , Plaza , Banks , Hotels,Super markets etc. Best suitable solution is proposed after Free Energy Audit.The audit results in capital cost savings upto 30 %.In most commercial applications Grid tied with backup Solar System is recommended.In the areas where there is no or low load shedding ,Grid Tied Solar system is also recommended in order to cut down Electricity & Maintenance cost.

Solar System is the best suitable for water supply schcmes both for irrigation and drinking as the system require NO Batteries.Safroon Energy Provides the system with Auto & Manual sun trackers in order to capture maximum sun energy for maximum water output.

High energy cost is the major obstacle in Sustainability & Growth of industries.To cut down electricity cost Safroon Energy recommends Grid Tied Solar Systems in the industries.


“To Provide the Best Cost Efficient  Solar Energy Solutions to the customers with Reliable & Quality Products and Quality After Sales Services ,Discouraging Low Quality Solar Energy Products which is Defaming this Technology in Pakistani Market.”